2012 Iowa VCA Election Endorsements

They can't speak for themselves. We are their voice.Here are Iowa VCA's 2012 General Election endorsements for Iowa Senate and House seats.

In addition to our endorsements, both documents also show each legislator votes as favorable or against animal welfare bills and each legislator's name is linked to their email address.

Please make sure to see the legend at the bottom of each set of endorsements to interpret this data. This list is given in order by District number.

Iowa Senate Endorsements

Iowa House Endorsements

To determine which district you are in, visit the following sites:
State Senate Districts
State House Districts

Visit this site for more detailed boundaries:
Senate - Individual Districts
House - Individual Districts

NOTE: Endorsements for some seats have not yet been determined. Updates will be announced periodically.

Don't forget to vote!! Voting day is November 6 but you can vote today! Early voting has already started in Iowa. Contact your county auditor to find out how to vote early or by absentee ballot. Be sure to share this information with your friends and family!

The Puppy Mill / Pet Store Connection

Moving video explaining the connection between pet stores and puppy mills. Bottom line: buying a puppy from a pet store supports puppy mills.

IVCA Members Make a Difference in IA Primaries

For several months prior to the June Primary elections, we focused on informing Iowans of the voting process and where many of the candidates running in the primaries stood in relationship to Animal Welfare issues.

One area we really focued on was Iowa House District #50 where 2 Republican incumbents were running: Rep. Annette Sweeney and Rep. Pat Grassley.
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Latest Updates
Riley's Story

The heath issues of dogs born in puppy mills often don't show up until the dog is older, or more likely, until the family loves the pup so much that they will do anything within their power to make it well, which can run into thousands of dollars very quickly.

This is the story of a little Yorkie who had the cards stacked against her on the day she was born. It shares with you the deep love and the heartaches of having a puppy mill puppy.

I Breathe: Lily's Legacy

So many breeders we talk to refer to their adult breeding stock as their "babies". The audacity. Be sure to view this video and then, if you live in north-central Iowa please get in touch with us.

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USDA Increasing Efforts

Last May the Inspector Generals office released a horrendous report stating that the USDA was not doing it's job of enforcing the Animal Welfare Act. Are the USDA's increasing efforts making a difference in Iowa?
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